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It’s Winter Somewhere…


We harvested our first crop of winter squash from Rancho Mua at Capay (thanks to Riverdog)! Related, a Mua Manhattan (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, St. Germain, sweet vermouth, bitters) plus a Mua Negroni  (Junipero gin, Campari, sweet vermouth) equals health food. As in happy is healthy, right?

Places of Meeting- Pubs and Clubs

14.00 Night clubs, pubs and gaming zones are the most popular places where people meet and have fun, especially the youth. They are otherwise places where like-minded people meet and spend time. After a long stressful day at the work place these places do offer relaxation to people. Friendly services, cool ambience, light music to create mood and tasty food available in these places is the main aspects that attract more people. One of the busiest hangouts of Oakland is Muaoakland. Check out their website- for activities, events, menu and more information about their services. Having said this there are clubs where people with serious intentions to serve the society, offer helping hand to humanity and think for others meet occasionally.

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Local as a State of Mind

Recently a reviewer for the Chronicle mentioned a glass of Sancerre he had at Mua. It’s a staff favorite, too. The backstory: from the Domaine Roger et Christophe Moreux, in the family since the 1600’s. Only 12 acres,  it gets it’s unique minerally-citrusy flavor from the clay and limestone soil called the Terres Blanche (think white cliffs of Dover).

We were introduced to the wine by long time friend of Mua and Soizic Raphael Knapp from Return to Terroir, who travels to his native France many times a year finding small, very unique family-owned wineries, that are still reasonably priced.

Try it with mussels or Ahi Sashimi.