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First Friday 02.05.10 William Saroyan and Ross Simonini


Yep, you read that right.  William Saroyan (1908-1981) the would-be Pulitzer Prize winning author for the play “The Time of Your Life,” (he turned it down, wow)  was also a prolific painter (top image). Come see some of his work at Mua.

Ross Simonini (lower image) an editor for the Believer magazine and a member of the San Francisco band, New Villager,  will have his work up as well. Check out his latest show at Lower Deck curated with Katie Bachner, Johansson Projects, Oakland.

Paranormal sightings at Mua


Apparently at the end of the evening, not everyone has left Mua. Our clean up crew reports multiple sightings of a resident ghost, here shown in a visualization by a 12 year old from third-hand information. The ghost may possibly also look like an old guy with a beard.

In any case, he seems lonely—join him for dinner this weekend, kitchen open until 1am.

New Art @ Mua


Move over Oprah, the Van Kleef Book Club is in the house! Those of you who came by on First Friday know this already–Mua is showing the work of some of  the book club artists: Fred Kling, Gary Burges, Jim Whiteaker, Michael Mew, Rose Kelly, Victor Cohen Stuart, Josh Greenberg, King Shrubb, Robert Bagnasco Murray, Robert Hernandez, Vaea, Peter Van Kleef, Mark Ashworth, Keith Ferris, Brian Longe, Norton Wisdom,  Tom Maxwell,  and Agnes Yau. Come by and check it out. There will be a special performance by Norton Wisdom February 20th at 9pm. See their website.

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