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Holiday Hours

Mua christmas 2015 santababy

Whoops! Looks like we’ll also be otherwise engaged December 24th and 25th. When we reopen the 26th though, we’ll be waiting for YOU, 4:30 for Happy Hour and dinner at 5:30 xoxo.

Holiday Schedule


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetFirst Friday Special!

It’s going to be rainy but we’ll be warm with $10 hot hot toddies!

December hours:

We’ll be closed December 24 & 25 and closed for lunch on the 26th. We’ll open up for happy hour Friday the 26th at 4:30 and dinner at 5:30.

Open New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Holiday Parties!

A good sign for Oakland’s economy—so many local businesses are booking holiday parties! There are a few slots left, but they are going fast.

To our regulars, if you plan to stop by between now and the New Year  it might be a good idea to book a reservation, even at those times when we aren’t usually crowded.

Bet You Haven’t Tried This One Yet…

Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato is one of Piedmont’s newer DOCG titles, introduced during the extensive administrative revisions of 2010 and 2011. This followed the interest that was first piqued in 1987 when the Ruche grape, a relative obscurity until that point, was awarded a dedicated DOC among the Monferrato hills.

Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato wines must be made from at least 90% Ruche grapes; the remaining 10% is left open to any combination of Barbera and Brachetto. This produces a fragrant, slightly floral wine whose pale-red color belies its tannic profile and depth of flavor when well made. Notes of tart berries and sweet spices are also associated with the wines. This up-front style is complemented by tart acidity, which the grape variety is able to retain in all but the very hottest of growing seasons. The Ruche grape, which is also sometimes named Rouchet or Roche, is something of an enigma even in Piedmont. There are conflicting tales of how it arrived in the region’s vineyards: some say it is an indigenous vine, some believe it was brought there from France. Whatever the truth, Ruche vines have been grown and used to produce wine in Piedmont for hundreds of years, although the wines have only just begun to make their way outside the Monferrato area. At the dawn of the new millennium there were just 125 acres (50ha) of Ruche planted, making this one of the most exclusive wines made under any Italian wine title, DOC or DOCG.

At Mua now! Otherwise, you might have to to to that other Piedmont to get some: